Find My Keys


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This application shows the list of locations ordered by the number of times you found your keys in.

List of locations

The list contains an optional photo of the location and the name + the number of times you found the keys in that place.

You can add or remove locations to adapt the list to your own needs.

The photo is taken with the camera on iPhone or comes from the photo album on iPod touch.

New location

You can also make the photo bigger and modify it.

Photo of location

When you look for your keys, just follow the list from the top to the bottom as it’s ordered by the location where you forget your keys the most often.

Once you have found your keys, tap the ‘Found’ button.

If you reach the end of the list then they are lost in a new location. So once you found them, add the location!

The application doesn’t work only for keys, it can help you to find any kind of object.

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